Compositions & Performances
Music - All in a Days Work
Music- Graçe A Toi
Music - Ne Me Quitte Pas
Music- Le Devoir
Music- La Lettre
Music- Un De Ces Jours
Music- Nous Avons Le Temps
Music - Toutti
Music - Adagio
Music - Pond In The Forest
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A truly unique artist, Elise Grant retains her integrity as a composer, offering beauty and originality, a coloful mosaic of impressions through melodies, inventive rhythms and textures, creating music that evokes moods from comic to tragic, as best suited to the dramatic situation, scene, or text at hand. No matter the style, a scope from profane to sacred, her compostions are intricately woven with professional care to detail, anchored by her extensive training steeped in musical tradition. She brings both a freshness and depth, often leaving the listener with the impression simultaneously of simplicity and complexity. The music invariably comes across as both personal and universal. 

Her love of life and working with people becomes palpable in each adventure, transmitted through the music which in turn gives to the audience an opportunity to come in touch with their own inner feelings and dreams.  Is it not through the gift of music that we are each reaching towards, hoping to stir and awaken in each of us our buried emotions, an obscure reservoir of our own life’s journey – a journey made up of a myriad, a kaleidoscope of experiences each touching, affecting our innermost emotions – our own emotions brought forth to recognize like gazing into a mirror, coming face to face with ourselves, a long lost friend?